health coaching philadelphia

Why Choose a Health Coach?

Are you:
• Overwhelmed by conflicting information on health and nutrition?
• Struggling with a chronic condition such as obesity, diabetes or lupus?
• Experiencing Chronic Pain?
• Unable to manage stress?
• Going through menopause?

Do you need:
• A practical way to get started?
• Motivation to meet your goals?
• A personal plan that evolves with your unique life-style?
• Help manage your menopause, manage stress, or recovery from surgery?

What We Do:
• Listen to you
• Assess your Health Risks
• Help you to create attainable goals
• Empower you to find a workable way to meet more optimal outcomes
• Explain the benefits of holistic approaches such as Restorative Yoga and Healing Touch Therapy 
• We clarify the potential need for health care intervention if necessary

Would You Benefit From Health Coaching?
• Are you discouraged by unsuccessful attempts at lifestyle changes?
• Have you received a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, gastro-intestinal disorders, breast cancer, prostate cancer, overweight or obesity?
• Are you stressed by a career change, or job loss
• Are you in menopause?

Then YES, you would benefit from Health Coaching.

How Does Coaching Work?
First We Listen
• What is your roadblock?
• What do you want to achieve?
• What is your health history?
• What are your habits?
• What can you do to provide non-pharmaceutical relief from chronic pain?

Our conversations are in person, by telephone or a private virtual meeting room over internet access.  We are HERE for you, wherever you live.  

 Contact Us For Optimal Health: (484) 431.1821